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Frequently Asked Questions
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My personal information is listed, how do I get it removed?

Simply contact Customer Service and provide them with the FULL website address to the page where your information is listed and provide a short detailed reason for the request for removal. We respect everyone's right to privacy, and unfortunately some of our data is wrong from time to time. Requests for personal information removal are carried out within 1-3 business days. Also, make sure your contact information is correct in the email you send. If we detect your email address is wrong or fake, no changes will be made.



How can I make suggestions for improvement?

We love feedback! We built this site for one reason, provide an easy way for consumers to find businesses and businesses to connect with consumers. If you have a suggestion for improvement, we would love to hear it. Contact our Customer Service department.



How do I get a company's email address?

SPAM is an increasingly difficult task to prevent online, and due to this reason we will not nor will we ever share business email addresses under any circumstance. Sorry!



Should I trust companies listed on this site?

We have no control over the practices of any business or advertiser listed on this site. We can not guarantee customer satisfaction on any level. This site merely provides the opportunity for consumers to connect with businesses. Before hiring any company it is always good practice to learn more about them, ask for references (if necessary), and use good judgement.



Is there a review system?

We do not allow any sort of review, commenting, or forum systems on this website. Validating reviews, moderating comments and discussions is nearly impossible to do without using a significant amount of resources. As mentioned above, before hiring any company always do research.



Is ZipLeaf available for other countries?

Business directories are continuously being created for other countries; below you can find a list of currently available directories:
- Australia
- Canada
- Cayman Islands
- Dominican Republic
- Hong Kong
- India
- Indonesia
- Ireland
- Jamaica
- New Zealand
- Singapore
- Thailand
- United Kingdom
- United States
- Vietnam



My questions were not answered here, how do I contact customer service?

You can contact Customer Service any time, inquiries are typically responded to within 1-3 business days.




Why is my business already listed?

At the time of launch of any of our directories, we always have our databases pre-populated with business information. This information is from publicly available sources and databases. If at any time you wish to remove your business listing, you may do so.



How do I remove my business?

If you are not already a ZipLeaf business user, to remove your listing here are the steps:
1. Claim your business listing (by clicking the 'Update Your Details' button on your listing page)
2. Provide us with as much information you can to prove to us you are indeed claiming your own business' listing
3. Once we confirm/approve your application, you are notified via email
4. Log into your account and click the 'Remove My Business' link and your business is instantly deleted from our database



Can I claim my listing if it is already listed?

Absolutely, and we encourage this over submitting a fresh listing. Pre-populated listings have valuable statistics (such as visitors, etc) separated by month, which could be of good use for your reporting as fresh listings obviously have no statistical data. To claim your business listing, do some searches using our what/where search form at the top of this page to find your business. If you do not find it right away, try some simpler searches. If your company has been established a long time, chances are your listing is somewhere in our site. After you found your listing, view the details page and click the 'Update Your Details' button and follow the steps.



How do I have my company added to this directory?

If your business is already listed follow the steps outlined above. If it is not, simply click the 'Add Your Business' link at the top of this page and follow our easy to use guide. Submitting your business might be about the easiest thing you have ever done online!



What are some tips for creating an optimal listing?

So you want to have your business highly ranked on our website? No problem! Since there is no paid membership levels preventing free users from climbing to the top, creating an optimal listing is simple. The order of search/browse results is all based upon our ZipRank calculator. The more in-depth your listing details are, the higher your ranking will be. Some tips include:
1. Provide a large detailed overview of your business
2. If you can speak another language, add a second description in it
3. Add in a website address if you have one
4. Select at least 5 keywords relevant to your business practice
5. Upload pictures!
6. Make sure your address is valid and can be found on our mapping system, if it can't make sure you select the area in the map closest to your business
7. Add in lots of articles about your business or press releases



What is ZipRank?

ZipRank is our unique algorithm for calculating a listing's importance/value. ZipRank is used for ordering business listings in searching and browsing results pages. See above for details on how to improve your ranking. The higher your ZipRank score, the more traffic you are likely to get!



Can I pay to improve my ZipRank?

This directory is currently a FREE directory only. There is no way to pay to improve your listings score at this time.



I've created the perfect listing, now how do I promote it?

Fantastic! Here are some ways you can promote your listing:
1. Advertise with us by banner/text advertising options (check out our advertising page)
2. If you already have a website, add a link to your listing on your website (this helps big time)
3. Share your listing on Facebook and other social networking sites



My questions were not answered here, how do I contact customer service?

We are always available to provide answers to questions, contact our Customer Service department.